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Watering Turf 

Newly laid turf must be watered within half an hour of installation. 
Give the turf a really good soaking and check that the water has seeped through into the soil below. (Turn up a corner to check) 
Watering must be repeated until the turf has established. Weather conditions will dictate the frequency of watering. 
Ensure that your new lawn has enough moisture to survive hot, dry or windy weather. If laid during a hot dry period, water three times a day. Otherwise twice daily should be sufficient. 
If there are any signs of the turf drying out - WATER IMMEDIATELY! 

Mowing Your New Lawn 

Cornwall Turf Co. recommend that you do not mow your new turf until it has rooted. This can be easily checked by lifting up a corner of the turf to see if the roots are attached to the soil. 
Your lawn mower should be set to the highest setting - it is important that the lawn is not scalped during early mowing. 
Your first cut should be between 3mm - 5mm. 
Mow your lawn regularly 
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